Sunday, November 18, 2012

Well, I've been asked what happened to all my stuff here on the blog.  What has happened is I was contacted by an artist who designs and sells digital stamps here on the internet about some of my images.  Evidently, I had colored several of her images and had them posted here and even with the watermark I was using, people were able to get rid of the watermark and were using my colorings as their own images.  Would you believe people even take images and sell them as their own on eBay?  'Cause I sure didn't!  Honestly, I never thought to even look.

Now, this artist's TOU stated you couldn't post her images online except in their finished state.  Technically, the images I posted were in their finished state because I just color them, I don't use them on cards or scrapbooks.  So, to keep everyone happy and me out of trouble, I've just removed everything, including my own personal photos.  Maybe one day I"ll find something to post here that doesn't break any rules.