Monday, October 8, 2012


Growing up, my sister and I didn’t get along AT ALL! She’s 6 and a half years older than me so that had something to do with it, I believe. Well, that and we had absolutely nothing in common, other than our parents, of course. Our main purpose in life was to bring misery to each other as often as possible and we took that challenge seriously. I never stood a chance against my sister physically as this was proven over and over by the many times she made me “hit” myself with my own hand as well as all the times I was sat on and tickled mercilessly for her mere sadistic enjoyment. I had to use other tactics to inflict payback by trying to outwit her and one story in particular comes to mind… 

My sister and I used to fill plastic cups full of kool aid and freeze them. Usually, they were only partially frozen due to our lack of patience of waiting the appropriate freezing time. These plastic cups were actually butter containers with lids that once they were empty, became cups or containers for leftovers and they were dark plastic and not see through. So,one day as I was scrounging around the freezer looking for something to eat, I ran across one of those cups that our mom had labelled “vegetable soup”. I opened the container to make sure that was what was in the cup, which unfortunately it was, when an idea came to mind. I grabbed a spoon and took the cup into the living room where my sister was watching tv. I sat down in a chair close to the tv as to make sure I was in her line of vision and as planned, it didn’t take her long to notice me sitting there. She asked me what I had in my hand and I told her I had found a cup of frozen kool aid in the freezer. I stated it must have been forgotten in there and how lucky I was to have found it. Picking up on the fact I hadn’t mentioned I had put it in there and wasn’t the rightful owner, she said she had put some kool aid in the freezer a few days before and it belonged to her. Of course, I argued the “finders keepers” rule and refused to hand over the cup. Well, it didn’t take her long to over power me and lay claim to the prize. After declaring victory and making sure to gloat, she proceeded to start scraping the frozen concoction from the cup and eating it. I’m pretty sure she was so distracted by her bounty she wasn’t actually tasting what she was putting in her mouth. A few bites later, she popped another spoonful in her mouth and her smug look slowly faded and a confused one settled in. She placed her hand under her chin and spit out the offending bite. She continued looking at her hand until it hit her she wasn’t looking at delicious, frozen, fruity goodness but instead at a piece of carrot and oh, boy, was she furious! The cup o’soup was quickly thrown aside and the race began…her out for blood and me out to defy death. As always, she ended up getting her revenge and I’m sure I got a bruise or two from the ordeal, but it didn’t matter one bit! For just a few minutes, suspended in time somewhere in the decade of the 70′s, I proclaimed absolute victory for myself and more importantly, defeat for my sister…and I was happy.

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